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Welcome to The Gift of You!

Do you want to learn the cause of ADHD symptoms? Would it help you to know how to prevent a diagnosis of ADHD for your children and your grandchildren? If you are looking for a holistic model for ADHD Wellness that will also help you prevent degenerative aging issues, you have come to the right place.

Please take some time to look around this site which has been designed to help you and your family as much as possible. A free eBook entitled ADHD Wellness Program is available for download here. It highlights the groundbreaking information detailed in Family Harmony with Sensitive Children – A Holistic Model for ADHD Wellness. I invite you to take some action steps now to get you and your child/ren started on the road to ADHD Wellness and Family Harmony:

Connect with us on Facebook. The page is called ADHDchildren and dedicated to sharing useful information, uplifting posts and tools for you and your sensitive child/ren.  The goal is to create a world where labels such as ADHD become a thing of the past naturally. It is currently called ADHDchildren so those who need the information can find it.

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If you have or care for children, please take a few minutes to answer a brief six-question survey to share your needs with me. No names or e-mails required.

Take a moment to center yourself and inhale Love very deeply into every part of your being. As you exhale, send that Love out to those you love, the world and the Earth. Then, with a smile on your face, think of at least two things for which you are grateful.

Thank you for visiting. I am grateful for you and your time. I look forward to connecting again.

Enjoy infinite blessings and joy,

Cheryl Healey, C.N.H.P.
The Sensitive Child Advocate
Certified Natural Health Professional
Helping children be the gift they came here to be – naturally!


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ADHD Healing the Myth

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