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Summary of Angel Meets the Projector

In this second edition of Angel Meets The Projector, you will meet a little girl called Angel. As everyone does, Angel sometimes misunderstands people and situations which can make her feel badly about herself. One day, a super-hero by the name of The Projector visits Angel to teach her about the power of projection. He helps her through a situation with her Mom with understanding, love and courage.

With a mix of Jungian psychology for kids and adults with thought provoking exercises at the end, the author weaves a heart-felt story with a great message. When you recognize, heal and stop projecting childhood memories, you discover the lovable and powerful gift you truly are and gain the confidence needed to share your gifts with the world around you. This book helps children ages 8 and up learn to love themselves no matter what goes on around them.

Praise for Angel Meets the Projector:

“I loved Angel Meets the Projector. As a mom of two young boys, I am always searching for meaningful books that will hold my kids' attention and give them valuable tools that will help them work through the issues and challenges that life undoubtedly brings. Both children and adults will benefit from the lesson in this book, which reminds us that we often project our negative or positive feelings onto others. The best part is that the story is told in a fun way that kids will enjoy (I know mine did). The extra lessons and teachings sections at the end are a great bonus. I highly recommend Angel Meets the Projector to parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and any others who work closely with children.”

Ellen Valladares
Author of Jonathan's Journey to Mount Miapu, Winner of the Mom’s Choice Award